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Quilt Hawaiian is your source for Hawaiian quilt patterns, kits and designs, Hawaiian quilts, and information on Hawaiian quilting.

Our Designers
Loretta Pasco (Raintree Hawaii)

Barbara Bieraugel

Nancy Lee Chong (Pacific Rim Quilt Company)

Janice Baehr
(Pacific Rim Quilt Company)

Zee Sarr

Vanessa Sales (Red Cinder Designs)

Sharon Balai

  About Quilt Hawaiian.com
Our home is on the Big Island of Hawaii and our Hawaiian quilting patterns and kits are original designs by residents of Hawaii who gather inspiration from their beautiful surroundings on this rainforest island.

We strive to offer you high quality products that we ourselves like to use and we try to meet and exceed your expectations.

Hawaiian quilting patterns are from several designers, each with their own individual style. Quilt Hawaiian, and internet store, is owned and run by Karen Barry. Each pattern is pictured as a finished quilt, offering inspiration for your own design ideas.

In choosing fabrics to complete your own quilts, you may use colors and prints that are very different or similar to those pictured in our quilts. Your color and fabric choices, plus the work that you apply to complete a piece, make that piece your very own property to do with as you please. If your quilt is entered in a show, or otherwise displayed, please give credit to the designer.

While offered in the spirit of Aloha, the patterns here are copyrighted. We would be flattered if our patterns inspire you to design your own quilts, but please do not attempt to make or sell copies of these patterns.

Meet Loretta Pasco - Raintree Hawaii designer
Loretta Pasco I have been living on the Big Island of Hawaii for thirty years. Here I met my husband, raised our two boys and learned Hawaiian quilting. A lot more has been going on in my life, but they are some of the highlights!

All my life I have done handwork. This passion was handed down to me through my mother and two Italian grandmothers, all of whom have created heirloom handwork along with raising children and working to help support them.

When I learned Hawaiian quilting, it soon became a passion - and Raintree Hawaii was born. Through my quilting work, I express my love of color, texture and the unique Hawaiian style. In designing my quilts, color relationships are as important as the pattern. They all work together to relay the feeling of the plants that are being showcased.

Hawaiian quilting is a gift from the women of the islands that is appreciated greatly by those who are continuing on in the art. Because it is a living art form, there will always be changes and innovations. We have so many products and fabrics available to us today, and those involved in design work are combining them creatively with the legacy of the traditional quilt.

I love being part of this renaissance and I have more ideas for quilts than I will ever have time to make in a lifetime.
 So I have gathered some of the best Hawaii quilt designers here, to offer their unique contributions to the world of Hawaiian designs.

Meet the rest of the Designers

Sharon Balai Barbara Bieraugel

As a young child I was influenced by my Grandmother who was always working with some sort of fiber. I remember watching the ladies at quilting bees in her house but I was never encouraged to learn. I started knitting at the age of five and can not count the number of sweaters I made. Starting in high school I began sewing my own garments but did not get into quilting until 1997. A neighbor whose husband was in and out of the hospital with cancer asked if I wanted to take a quilting class with her. I did, thinking it was just something to do with her but that I wouldn't get into it. Wrong!!! There were so many interesting patterns and styles, and going to a fabric store was like going to a candy store. I liked the challenge of trying new techniques and putting them in new projects that I thought of. Then in 2006, with the encouragement of Quilt Passions store owner in Kailua Kona, Hawaii, where I now reside, I made some patterns, and to my surprise they sold. That first design was a Tropical Fish Sampler and my pattern line has blossomed since then. Since 2007 I have been teaching Hawaiian Appliqué classes and I feel very privileged to pass on this rich heritage with my patterns and classes.

Nancy Chong Nancy Lee Chong of Pacific Rim Quilt Co.
Nancy Lee Chong saw her first Hawaiian quilt in 1977, and it changed her life. Her first quilt (queen-sized) was completed in 1980 while living on Oahu. With a degree in education and experience with all types of applique, she began teaching Hawaiian quiltmaking in 1982.

Her quilts have appeared in numerous books and magazines, and she travels across the USA, sharing her stress-free approach to needleturn applique with both beginners and experienced quilters.

In 1991, she and her sister, Janice, formed Pacific Rim Quilt Company to publish their original Hawaiian quilt patterns.

Nancy had been a legal secretary in Honolulu and Seattle for 25 years. In December 2000, she quit that "day job" and is now teaching, lecturing , designing and quilting full time. Her new boss is stricter about how she uses her time, but she is having the time of her life!

Janice Baer Janice Lee Baehr of Pacific Rim Quilt Co.
While I had made a few simple quilts prior to 1982, I don't consider that I actually became a 'quilter' until my sister, Nancy, taught me how to make Hawaiian Quilts. I started my first one in 1982...and it is still not finished! (Maybe this winter.) Since then I have designed and made about a dozen Hawaiian Quilts (some of which are still just unquilted tops). I have not limited myself to Hawaiian Quilting and have made dozens of quilts using a variety of techniques, from traditional pieced to art quilts.

Several of my quilts have been pictured in books and magazines. One of my Hawaiian Quilts was selected to hang in the 1991 American Quilt Society show.

Since earning my Executive Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Washington in 1997, I have put Pacific Rim Quilt Company on the internet with our own web site, and in 2000 began to produce a line of hand-dyed fabrics for quilting. Fortunately I have a husband and a cat who take very good care of me!

Zee Sarr Zee Sarr
I live with my husband, two small children and a very small dog on the Big Island of Hawaii in the town of Volcano. My specialty is paper foundation pattern designs that reflect the environment where I live. When I need a break from designing and sewing my patterns, I can be found outside, creating beautiful hand marbled fabric, surrounded by tree ferns and rainforest.
Sharon Balai
Sharon Balai
I was born on the Big Island of Hawaii where I was influenced in needlework arts by my grandmother. Waimea is considered by many, to be one of the most active quilting areas in the islands, making it a perfect place to learn quilting skills and develop my talents.

I spend much of my time teaching and designing and. I live in Waimea with my very supportive husband and family.

Vanessa Sales of Red Cinder Designs
Vanessa's passion for creativity with colors, textures, fabric and drawing, overflowed into quilting and designing quilts. The Big Island's flowers, ferns and trees are the inspiration for her quilt designs. Her first Hawaiian quilt design, Strawberry was designed for her mom, who loves strawberries. From that quilt, Red Cinder Designs began.

Vanessa moved to Hawaii in 1991, and lives in Ka'u at the southern end of the Big Island. Her two dogs and cat share her cottage, built on a lava flow which covered that part of the island in 1907. She is also an enthusiastic grade school teacher, and gravitates to ocean activities in her free time.

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